At Salmon Arm Waterslides we make your safety our priority.
Many of our employees have their First Aid Certification. Our employees are trained and have a thorough understanding of all safety procedures related to this facility and follow our detailed Safety Program. They provide an excellent level of care, and at all times are in constant communication via 2-way radios with all other personnel. We also have a fully equipped First Aid Station and staff are equipped with first aid supplies at all times.
Salmon Arm Waterslides is inspected daily.  Our water quality is checked every 2 ½ hours, minimum, increasing to almost every hour during our busy season.
For your safety, at Salmon Arm Waterslides we require all customers to follow certain regulations. Please read all signs posted in the park, and abide by the rules stated on the signs.
    • No running or jumping around the pool areas.
    • No diving or swimming in the main pool
    • Please keep a safe distance between sliders.
    • Please do not stop or walk on the slides.
    • Only sliding FEET FIRST, on bum or back. NO spinning, knees or tummy.
    • No blocking water at the slide entrance way.
    • Sliders are to exit the pool promptly after reaching the bottom of the slide.
    • MUST be 1 meter tall to ride the big slides ALONE.
    • NO smoking or alcoholic beverages ANYWHERE in the park
    • No food or drink allowed in the pool areas.
We thank you for your attention to these matters. These regulations are put in place to ensure that all customers have a fun, safe experience at the waterslides.