• Pass hours are to be used by immediate family of the principal owners only; Birthdays and all other events will be admitted via Birthday or group rates.
    • One parent must be present for any slider 7 to 12 years of age.
    • One sliding parent must be present with sliders 6 years and under.
    • All visits will be rounded to the nearest half hour per slider, and total hours used will be rounded up to the nearest hour.
    • All wristbands are to be removed upon exit.
    • This pass expires at the end of the present season – absolutely no carryover.
    • Signing in and signing out require initials from one of the Principal Owners listed above – pass will be charged for a full day if pass is not signed out.
    • We reserve the right to terminate the pass prematurely in the event that Salmon Arm Waterslide Park Policies are broken.
    • No hours are to be given away: the hours are only the Principle Owners` and their immediate family. No changes are to be made after initial purchase.

    I do hereby release the Salmon Arm Waterslides, its members, officers, directors, employees, independent contractors and agents from all liability, claim causes of action of any kind whatsoever, in respect of all personal injuries or property loss which I may suffer arising out of or connected with, my participation in, the aforesaid activities not withstanding that such injuries or losses may have been solely or the negligence of the Salmon Arm Waterslides or any of its members, officers, directors, employees, independent contractors or agents.